Originally an opera singer, Silviya Metodieva has recently ventured in jazz music, embracing the new form of voice expression, believing this is closer to her true animated, fun loving nature.
She and her colleague pianist Tomislav Vichev have founded a duo and are performing at official events, piano bars, and 5 stars hotels. She is preparing a demo album, including some all time favorite jazz classics. She is also on track to compose her own pieces .
As an opera singer Silviya has participated in numerous performances both as a soloist and in choirs. In the lat few years she has annually organized concerts devoted to composers of different styles and genres – Italian Baroque, French Music, Handle, Russian romances, Gershwin, etc.
She has sung with National Radio Choir, and participated in performances at the National Musical Theater and concert halls.

Silviya Metodieva has a bachelor degree from Music Academy, Sofia in Opera singing. Among her teachers are the worldly renowned Bulagrian mezzo-soprano Alexandrina Milcheva, among whose coleagues on stage are Placido Domingo, Alfredo Kraus, Boris Christov, Gena Dimitrova, Grace Bumbry, etc. Prof. Resa Koleva and her assistant Teodora Gabrovska were Silvia’s vocal couches at theMusic academy.

Silviya is also engaged in teaching vocal technique as a private tutor, as well as a founder of the vocal seminar “Voices”, aiming to introduce people to the abilities of their built in instrument and basic ensemble singing. For more information about the seminar and workshops click here: